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Bodrum Theme Events and Tours

Any incentive event would be complete without theme events, activities or tours. With its historic places to visit, blue cruises, endless beaches, and spectacular nightlife Bodrum has much to offer for adventure lovers.

Walking Tour of the Castle of St. Peter

After the short tender ride in to town, you will be be met by guides and lead off to the Castle of St. Peter, now called the Castle of Bodrum. Highlights of the tour include a tour of the Underwater Museum with examples of finds found underwater from Bronze Age period up to the Middle Ages. Among the most interesting items in the museum are the cargo from a Syrian trade ship (13th century B.C.) which sank in the Chelidonian Cape of Lykia. The ship contained finds including pottery jars, dishes and statues from Bodrum and its surrounding areas.

In the castle you can take the opportunity to climb up to the towers for a bird's eye view of the town, the beautiful white houses spread below and yachts at anchor in the harbor. You will also have the chance to visit all five towers, including the French, German, Italian, English and the tower of the Serpent. All the towers boast interesting artifacts including flags, coins, jewelry and many other interesting items.

Upon completion of the tour and before returing to the ship, guests can stroll in the narrow streets of Bodrum full of shops, all at a walking distance from the tenders landing spot.