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Istanbul Dinner Venues for Private Evenings

Fully justifying its reputation, Turkish cuisine is always a pleasant surprise for the visitor.

The cuisine is a mixture of the culinary tradition of an essentially pastoral people originating from Central Asia and the acquisitions made though contact with the Mediterranean world.

In addition to being the refined product of centuries of experience Turkish cuisine has a very pure quality. This stems from the superb freshness of the fruit, vegetables, meat and fish utilized in a country that produces all its own foodstuffs. The variety and simplicity of the recipes and the quality of ingredients are the guarantees of delicious meals.

You may find information about some special restaurants below.

Beyti Restaurant

The tradition of Beyti dates back to 1936 along with Beyti Guler's life.

The restaurant carries a unique reputation for its meat specialties, always using prime choice meat, applying special marinating techniques, instant serving from the charcoal grill in a traditionally Turkish architecture.

An open air terrace allows people to enjoy lunch and dinner outdoors during the summer months. It can hold up to 210 people. The indoor capacity is 400 in the different dining rooms.

Yesil Ev

This is traditional mansion that was restored and is used as a hotel and restaurant.

Yesil Ev is located in Sultanahmet, which is the heart of the sightseeing area thus making the restaurant very popular with visitors.

The back yard of the Mansion, beautifully set with plants and fountains is indeed a retreat for lunch or dinner during the summer months.

The yard can seat up to 180 guests and offers Turkish and Continental cuisine.

During the winter months lunch and dinner are served in the hotel's two dining rooms, which are vivid examples of Ottoman traditional grandeur.

Ulus 29

The style of an exclusive club in Istanbul with a magnificent view of the Bosphorus.

This very fashionable and elegantly decorated restaurant serves gourmet French dishes prepared by a French Chef, not to only local clientele, but further appeals to foreign businessmen and to the city's jet-setters.

Sunset Restaurant

Located on a hill below the Ulus Park, Sunset offers a wonderful view of the Bosphorus. The restaurant offers an excellent Turkish and International cuisine. Sunset has an extensive international wine list as well as a rich selection of cigars.

Nice outdoor setting with a capacity of 50 persons, indoor capacity 100 persons.

Sarnic Restaurant (The Cistern)

Just beside St. Sophia and with a history as old as St. Sophia itself - this is a Roman cistern originally built more than a thousand years ago. Restored in 1987, "Sarnic" ("The Cistern") is now a place where you can enjoy a nice dinner, while the flickering candles provide a mysterious illumination.

Mavi Balik Restaurant

The restaurant is offering the magical deliciousness of fish and meat specialties in its spacey dining rooms and open terrace right in the heart of Bosphorus.

Korfez Restaurant

Elegant seafood restaurant in a romantic seaside setting on the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus. A private boat travels guests across the Bosphorus from Rumeli Fortress by appointment. Restaurant open Tuesdays to Sundays.

Tugra Restaurant

Tugra Restaurant is located in a loft at the breathtaking Çiragan Palace with a spectacular view of the Bosphorus. Serves Ottoman cuisine. Excellent service. Live traditional Turkish (fasil) music. Terrace open during summer months.

Feriye Restaurant

Housed in a historical building (the Feriye Police Station) right next to the Çiragan Palace, with outdoor dining available during the summer , when you are literally sitting right by the Bosphorus. The restaurant is open daily and serves both International and Turkish cuisine.

Café du Levant & Halat Restaurant

These two restaurants are situated in the new wing of the Rahmi Koç Museum. Their indoor capacity is 100 persons

Café du Levant
The Café du Levant, nestling in the grounds of the Lengerhane, serves the finest French cuisine in an authentically Parisian brasserie atmosphere. This well-established restaurant is just the place for a very special occasion.

This beautiful restaurant offers a real gourmet experience on the shores of the historic Golden Horn. Operated by the same chef as the Café du Levant (itself situated just opposite the Lengerhane building), Halat serves outstanding Mediterranean food, complemented by a wide choice of local and imported wines. For a magical experience, come for a summer dinner on the waterfront terrace and listen to the myriad muezzins' calls to prayer echoing all around the Golden Horn…

The restaurants are open Tuesday to Sunday.