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Bodrum, a nightlife center of Europe, is the departure point of beautiful blue cruises along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts…

The present day city is intermingled with the brilliant city state of Halicarnassos in Caria. Halicarnassos is the site of one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, the Mausoleum that had been erected to commemorate the beloved leader, Mausolos, after his death in 4th century BC.

A lively port since the antiquities, Bodrum is the center of the world famous “Blue Cruise” combining the natural, archaeological, historical and botanical subjects of interest towards the father Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Anatolia. The fjord-like Southern Aegean and Western Mediterranean coasts of Anatolia are ornamented with numerous bays and inlets, each one keeping its own mysteries and beauties.

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Any incentive event would be complete without theme events, activities or tours. With its historic places to visit, blue cruises, endless beaches, and spectacular nightlife Bodrum has much to offer for adventure lovers.